• Josh Kerr

    Born and bred on the gold coast of Australia, Josh Kerr was raised on a steady diet of perfect waves at Snapper Rocks and Duranbah. Josh was first recognized as an aerial specialist and took his act to the WQS circuit in 2006 and blew people away. Not only could Josh land a multitude of technical airs, but he was solid in any conditions and very contest savvy. In 2007, he qualified for the WCT (today know as the World Surfing League, WSL). Josh today is consistently in the top 10 of the WSL as he hunts down his first World Title. Read more

  • Team

    EU specific team page team, for global go to US / AU / NZ / CA / SG / JP / HK locales one by one Read more

  • Chippa Wilson

    Christopher "Chippa" Wilson all but showed up out of thin air. One day no one had heard of him, and the next everyone was talking about his video parts and he was gracing the pages of every surf publication out there. No stranger to hard work driven by passion, Chippa was a carpenter before becoming a pro surfer, and the creativity of his former life comes through in his current one. On dry land Chippa is a calm and humble guy, but when he's in the water he's anything but. He's got a style that's explosive, powerful and experimental making him one of our favorites to watch. Chippa brings his unique approach in life to surfing as well as product feedback, he continually has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening and is a continuous influence on the Nixon brand. Read more

  • JP Walker

    JP Walker is one of the godfathers of snowboarding’s jib movement. Originally from Utah, these days he spends equal time between his home there and Encinitas, CA. where he gets his summer fix skating and surfing. You can be sure that at the first sign of fall turning to winter JP is back in his stomping grounds looking to ride something snow covered that’s never been ridden. JP, along with his peers, are considered the founders of jibbing. Today JP is far from limited to the snow covered stairs and rails of the jib world. JP has applied himself in the backcountry and everything else mountains have been able to throw at him. From his parts in Mack Dawg films, to being one of the originals of the FORUM team, co-founder of the Nixon JibFest to filming a video part in its entirety switch stance in This Video Sucks (2009), JP will always be one of our favorite snowboarders of all time. Read more

  • Mike Escamilla

    Mike Escamilla (a.k.a. Rooftop) began riding BMX bikes at age 12 and hasn't showed any signs of slowing down even with all the injuries he has sustained. Escamilla consistently did well in BMX contests and had some revolutionary BMX video parts, but he preferred to put his efforts into more unique BMX stunts such as back flipping a helicopter with its blades spinning at full speed, being the first to back-flip off of a tree, holding the World Record for a 360 and a back-flip over the gap at Bob Burnquist's MegaRamp. More recently, he's been participating in various extreme stunts and appearing on TV. Read more

  • Sal Masekela

    Sal Masekela is the voice of action sports and celebrity news and events. He has hosted the summer and winter X Games, hosted surf contests and award shows and red carpets, hosted the Daily 10 on E! Network, voiced an IMAX film, had an MTV segment, produced Street Dreams, was the voice of a SPEN announcer in Surf's Up, and more in the past 10 years. An avid athlete on and off the field and a passionate individual, Masekela pushes himself to work through marathon training, long hours of travel, giving opportunities to kids through Stoked Mentoring, and being the best host out there. Read more

  • Todd Richards

    With almost two decades of riding as a pro (7 medals from the Winter X Games and an appearance in the 1998 Winter Olympics), many would say that Todd Richards is a pioneer, a business owner, an excellent video gamer, an expert at Would You Rather?, and an Audi enthusiast. These days, Todd can be heard on TV lending his voice as snowboard commentator, filming his weekly web series AWSM on Alli, surfing and skating in Encinitas, or snowboarding in Tahoe. Read more

  • Hana Beaman

    Hana Beaman has a risk-taking attitude that has landed her multiple medals in the X-Games, the World Championships, The Grand Prix, and the U.S. Open. In 2006, she received the prestigious Transworld Riders Poll Award for "Rider Of The Year," which further solidified her as the queen of snowboarding. Currently, Beaman lives and trains in Salt Lake City, UT. Read more

  • Travis Pastrana

    Travis Pastrana has undoubtedly become the most notable two-wheel athlete and one of the most famous rally drivers in the world. Read more

  • Conner Coffin

    Hailing from the coastal town of Santa Barbara, Conner honed his skills and powerful style at Rincon and the area’s point breaks. Conner's appreciation of surf history is evident in his throwback style and repertoire in the water. From being compared to the legendary Tom Curren, to winning the US Open Junior Pro twice over in Huntington Beach, it’s easy to see why the Nixon team was adamant about having him on board. Toss in a great personality and long list of accomplishments, in and out of surfing, and it’s clear that adding Conner to the Nixon roster was unquestionable. Read more

  • Mikkel Bang

    As one of the most talented snowboarders of his generation, Mikkel Bang first appeared on snowboarding’s screens as a 13-year-old grom with a big grin on his face in White Balance. From child star to adult achiever, Mikkel has added a couple of feet to his height, and is today regarded as one of the most stylish riders in the world. He has achieved some solid contest results in the past, including the X Games, U.S. Open, Arctic Challenge and European Open. Today Mikkel’s focus and determination seem to be transitioning to big mountain riding in the likes of Alaska and big mountain riding. Mikkel has stayed the happy-go-lucky kid of his early days and is without a doubt one of the most genuine personalities of today’s snowboarding scene. Read more

  • Mark Cunningham

    Mark Cunningham is one of the most respected surfers in the world. This fact is harder to grasp when you realize he’s done this without the assistance of a surfboard. He has become a perfectionist in the art of bodysurfing and has made Pipeline the testing grounds for his endeavor. Cunningham grew up in Hawaii and has spent more than 50 years experimenting what his custom 6-foot plus craft can do. Aside from his act in the water, he has a great intellect and has been able to apply to product research and development to Nixon, and has been an integral part of developing many of our surf watches. Read more

  • Andrew Reynolds

    Born in Lakeland, Florida, Andrew Reynolds has been skating since the age of nine. He turned pro for Birdhouse in 1995 after relocating to California and went on to capture Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year award in 1998. Widely considered to be one of the most significant skaters in the world and Reynolds has had an immeasurable impact on street skating. His standout style coincides perfectly with Nixon’s unique, original take on design and commitment to quality. He’s often referred to as the “BOSS” for good reason and is a continual representation of what is street skating. Read more

  • Curren Caples

    Curren’s devotion to skateboarding began when he was very young. He earned a spot onto the legendary Flip Skateboards team at the age of 13 and turned pro two years ago. An impressive transitional skater, Curren’s style is heavily influenced by his formative years growing up in the coastal community of Ventura, CA and his time-spent surfing. Today he can be seen shredding just about any kind of terrain you put in front of him. Curren is part of a new school that’s able to adapt to skateboard and surfing equally. Read more

  • Danny Way

    Danny Way has been a staple of the skate world for decades and is responsible for pushing skateboarding to new limits and he’s fearless. Danny stunned us all when he did a 360 over the Ju Yu Gong Gate at the Great Wall of China in 2005 with a broken ankle. He’s also dropped 82 feet from the top of the guitar over the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 2006 and broke the world record for the fastest land speed on a skateboard in 2008. Did we mention he won the first ever Big Air Rail Jam in 2009 with a sprained ankle at X Games 15? Well, he did. Along with breaking records and winning events, Danny is continually experimenting with what can be ridden on a skateboard from Mega Ramps to oversized bowls, you never know what he’ll build and ride next. Read more

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Paul Rodriguez is one of the most active skateboarders of his generation. Paul has consistently placed in the Street League of Skateboarding, has over eight signature Nike SB shoes, starred in the movie WE ARE BLOOD, and appeared in five skateboarding video games. Since becoming a pro in 2002, Rodriguez has been building an empire. He has opened his first skateboard, clothing, and accessories store, Primitive, in Encino, CA, which is now its own skateboard brand as well, for which he himself rides for. Read more