Women's Holiday Essentials

Gifts From The "Nice" List

Give a gift that turns heads year round. Our top-selling women's models get decked out in the goes-with-anything all black and black/gold colorways, from stealthy to stellar, we've got just the thing. Choose from the Arrow or Kensington, each with a steel or leather band option, although getting one to keep and one to give wouldn't be overkill.

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Nixon | Amuse Society

Beach. Vida. Bling.

It’s not a look; it’s a lifestyle. An exclusive collaboration with Amuse Society blends their beach aesthetic with a Nixon favorite. The Arrow Chain and Arrow Leather are wrapped in warm gold with a touch of cream, bold snakeskin printed leathers, and a signature palm print for a limited-edition collection that feels a little rock 'n' roll and a little irreverent for the beach or the streets.

Rock the Belles

The Frosted Luxe Collection

Chill Seekers

Baby, it's cold outside. The Kensington Leather cools out in an understated, light pastel palette of muted, soft shades of pink, green, blue and grey. Paired with matching monochromatic Saffiano leather bands, they subtly shout sophistication…with a whisper.

Drop The Temp

STAR WARS | Nixon Collection

The Force is Strong

The best watches and accessories in the galaxy, inspired by the legendary big screen saga.

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