men's bags

Nixon bags and backpacks focus on quality, function, design and did we mention that we travel the world testing them out? Get ready to be taken to a new level.

men's audio

What hides inside is bound to surprise. Amplify your life with clear, crisp sound and distinctive design.

men's hats & beanies

Not just some branded piece to slap on your head, this collection of beanies and hats represents a series of considered styles from the best names in the business, including Starter and New Era and more.

men's wallets

Original design, custom construction– each men's wallet reflects Nixon's focus on functionality partnered with world-class design.

men's iphone cases

Nixon's style-meets-function aesthetic. With unexpected takes on standard accessories, Nixon phone cases wrap your electronics up safe and sound for a looks that's unique.

men's belts

It ain't broke, and we're not fixing it, just improving. The result is our take on a collection of belts done the Nixon way.

Misc Accessories

Adding through subtraction: it's the considered details and the refined approach that make for stand out men's accessories, and that's how we like to do things.
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