The Seafarer Collection does its job from a foundation of strength and function, getting there and back in one piece. A place for everything, and everything in its place, stark minimalism and bold performance rule, and the right tool for the job takes priority over the ornamental or extraneous.


Channeling the spirit of outdoor summer adventures we introduce the Nixon x Poler collaboration. Inspired by life off the beaten path and influenced by camp vibes and iconic enamel cookware, the Blaster and the Ranger 45 Leather have been given a blue/white color update.

Nixon X Primitive

Working hand-in-hand with Paul Rodriguez for this unique collaboration.


A clear approach to design focused on detail and function.

Blabac Photo Series

Skate photographer Mike Blabac is known to be as solid as they come. With a keen eye and the ability to capture poignant moments, Mike is known for his exceptional talent behind the lens and for his humble attitude in front of it.

Leather Luxe

Waxed leather and custom jacquard rug stripe lining are just a few of the characteristics that make up the Leather Luxe Collection.


Versatile and a considered staple in any proper collection, welcome to the Duralex Collection.


Inspired by the creative art of Hiroshi.


The days of plastic and paper cups are over. Pack a few in the car for the beach, in your camping set up and even in your kitchen. Drink on.
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