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The Weird

The Weird

Sun bleached and ready to get WEIRD, this new collection is a mash-up of why-the-hell-not.

Geo Volt

Inspired by nature's most beautiful and inaccessible terrains.

Pacific Station

From the best-captured moments of the people and personalities who make up our team, to our most sought after and favorite products, we invite you to wander along and see what makes Nixon, Nixon.


Inspired by the necessities of a life outdoors, we've mixed bold colors and materials for an unexpected shot of adrenalin.

Rose / Gun / Burnished

Punk rock luxury, perfected. The Rose Gun Burnished collection plays off the decadence of high polish rose gun casings and pairs it with a scratched and hammered gunmetal dial finish and warm, burnished leather.


The subtleties that you may not notice at first glance, but can't be ignored are the type of details that make up the Origami Collection.

Leather Luxe

Waxed leather and custom jacquard rug stripe lining are just a few of the characteristics that make up the Leather Luxe Collection.


Versatile and a considered staple in any proper collection, welcome to the Duraluxe Collection.
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