Nixon x Grizzly

Nixon X Grizzly

A limited collaboration inspired by Torey Pudwill.

Nixon X Primitive

Working hand-in-hand with Paul Rodriguez for this unique collaboration.


Worn and warm with pops of color.

Gray Rose

Warm hits of rose gold pierce through gray stainless steel.


A clear approach to design focused on detail and function.

Leather Luxe

Waxed leather and custom jacquard rug stripe lining are just a few of the characteristics that make up the Leather Luxe Collection.


The subtleties that you may not notice at first glance, but can’t be ignored are the type of details that make up the Origami Collection.


Versatile and a considered staple in any proper collection, welcome to the Duralex Collection.


The days of plastic and paper cups are over. Pack a few in the car for the beach, in your camping set up and even in your kitchen. Drink on.

Andrew Reynolds

Nixon teamed up with Andrew to create a custom collection of the Boss' favorite accessories. Inspired by life on the road, where each new day is a gift, focus on what matters.
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