Ranger 40


men's Essentials

Essential watches from us means you can expect to find form, function, design and utility in a telltale Nixon style.

men's Stainless steel

Our range of stainless steel watches are some of the most iconic in our collection and are tried and true favorites in the Nixon line.

men's Leather

Nixon leather watch bands are an uncompromising design for whatever the situation, and stylish enough for those who want to look good throughout.

Men's Surf

Analog. Digital. Stainless steel. Rubber. Good looks, brains and brawn combined, Nixon's expansive line of surf watches rate second-to-none.

men's Digital

Digital watches that gives you a superior blend of form and functionality, it's all in there.

men's Elite

Anything but ordinary, it's the details and our 'team-designed, custom-built' point of view that makes our Elite watches stand out from the rest.

men's pu/rubber/silicone

Looking good. Feeling good. Custom injected silicone watches, rubber and polyurethane conveys that materials really do matter.

men's Nylon

Simply put, nylon watch bands are a classic staple. It's foundational. Long-lasting. Timeless.

men's Canvas

Just what you need, when you need it. A canvas watch runs the gamut from wild style to simple and understated, it's your call.

men's acetate

Among the most distinctive watches we've ever made, our handmade acetate watches are lightweight, durable, and above all, sophisticated.
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