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Nixon | Paris Open

Nixon Paris: Now Open

September 22, 2014

Today, Nixon is proud to announce the opening of our first brand store in Paris, France. Located on rue Froissart in the heart of le Marais—the historic and creatively thriving district of Paris—Nixon’s new space is situated among some of the city’s most well known art galleries, fashion houses and...

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Nixon | Music: DIY in LA Thumb

Spin It Yourself: DIY in LA


In a city where the legacy of the Hollywood sign looms large, Los Angeles is teeming with a "Do It Yourself" subculture that exists happily outside the bubble...

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Nixon | Zumiez 100k 2014

2014 Zumiez 100k Winner Designs One-Of-A-Kind Watch at Nixon HQ


Winning the Zumiez 100k is a big deal. The annual event, designed to honor top sales people across all Zumiez locations, brings employees that sold $100,000 or...

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Nixon | When+Where Geneva SUI

When+Where: Geneva Switzerland

September 12, 2014

When+Where is a series of posts that take you on a 24 hour escape to our favorite off the grid locales. Maybe these places won't be your destination of choice...

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Nixon | Sound+Color: Daniel Jacobsen

Sound+Color: Daniel Kragh Jacobsen Interview

September 12, 2014

It’s safe to say that music lives in far more places than just your ears or the speakers in your car. With the help of directors and photographers, music is...

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Nixon | Zach Miller Interview Thumb

FACES: Zach Miller Interview

September 11, 2014

Let's just get it out of the way: Zach Miller is the direct descendant of skateboarding royalty, Chris Miller. There, it's out there. Now let's focus on Zach....

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Nixon | New Friends: Saint Pepsi

New Friends: Saint Pepsi Interview And Playlist

September 9, 2014

Young Long Island producer Ryan DeRobertis—aka Saint Pepsi—smiles behind an enviable nerdy cool. Save for the moments when he rattles off about the underground...

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Nixon | Macro Beers

Dialed in: The Return of the Macro Beer

September 5, 2014

We occasionally receive dispatches from the women of Nixon on what’s ticking in their camp. Dialed In is their take on the biggest trends—or up and coming, we...

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Nixon | Spin The Globe: Paris

Spin The Globe: Paris

September 5, 2014

There’s something about Paris that keeps us coming back and now we’ve opened a new Nixon store in the city of light on rue Froissart in the heart of le Marais,...

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Nixon | Sound + Color: Stephen Powers

Sound+Color: Stephen Powers

September 3, 2014

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Stephen Powers was in his early thirties when he discovered that city walls were the best canvas for his work. Combining his...

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