Nixon | Nixon London Customization Bar

Watch A Visit To The Nixon London Customization Bar

You've read and seen photos of our new, first of it's kind Customization Bar in Nixon Carnaby, London, and Nixon Paris stores, but pictures only do so much...

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Nixon Music | The Eyes Behind: Orchid Tapes

The Eyes Behind: Orchid Tapes Playlist & Interview

In his small living room in Brooklyn, Warren Hildebrand, founder of Orchid Tapes, hand addresses packages of records, cassettes, and shirts to be shipped. With...

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Nixon X Chocolate Mini Blaster LTD

Introducing The Nixon X Chocolate Mini Blaster LTD

A small dog with a big bark, the Nixon x Chocolate Mini Blaster has arrived. Teaming up to mark #20yearsofchocolate, this special edition Mini Blaster is new,...

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Nixon | Refinery29 Stack Style Contest

Nixon X Refinery29 Stack Style Instagram Contest

We sure talk a lot about personal style around here — especially as it pertains to articles of clothing. But, a lot of times, what really makes an OOTD unique...

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NIxon | Dusty Payne Swamp Duck

Watch Dusty Payne Tear Up Indo in Swamp Duck

Nixon surfer Dusty Payne is back from rehabilitating a season ending injury and, as this video part will prove, is fired up and taking no prisoners. Watch Dusty...

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Nixon | Weekend Buzz: Tony Hawk & Andrew Reynolds

Watch Tony Hawk & Andrew Reynolds on Weekend Buzz

Nixon skateboarders Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds have no shortage of stories to share. Besides the combined encyclopedic knowledge of skateboarding that only...

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Nixon Music | The Eyes Behind: Fat Possum Records

The Eyes Behind: Fat Possum Records Playlist & Interview

In the deep south of Oxford, Mississippi, tucked away among the weeping willows, humidity and sleepy wrap around porches, lives Fat Possum Records. Fat Possum’s...

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Nixon | Faces: B. Zippy

Faces: Ceramicist B. Zippy Is Knee Deep in Clay

California is known for beaches, deserts, and mountains, sure, but it’s also a pottery powerhouse. With a rich and deep history of heritage 20th century potters...

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Nixon | Oakley Snowboarding For Me

Watch JP Walker, Nicolas Müller, Mikkel Bang and more in Oakley's "For Me"

Check out the latest snowboarding video from Oakley, "Snowboarding For Me," featuring Nixon snowboarders JP Walker, Nicolas Müller, Mikkel Bang alongside the...

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Nixon | Daylight Saving Time Fall 2014

Spread The Word: Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday, November 2nd

North America: A friendly reminder from Nixon to set your watches back one hour this Sunday, November 2nd, at 2 AM. Don't let your friends get caught sleeping....

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