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Nixon | Jake Halstead Tropical Dream

Watch Jake Halstead in Tropical Dream

November 30, 2013

Nixon regional surfer Jake Halstead rips his way through Hawaii and Sumatra, Indonesia, to Frankie Rose's cover of The Damned's "Street of Dreams" in "Tropical...

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Nixon | Elena Hight Hight Hopes Teaser

Watch Elena Hight's Road To Sochi In Hight Hopes

November 25, 2013

This season, Nixon Snowboarder Elena Hight is sharing her road to the Olympics in Hight Hopes, which will follow her through qualifiers, traveling, and the...

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Nixon | John John Florence Wave of the Winter 2013-2014

Watch John John Florence Contend For Wave of the Winter

November 21, 2013

The Surfline Wave of the Winter contest has opened once again and Nixon surfer John John Florence is currently holding down three of the four total entries....

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Nixon | Ryan Sheckler Foundation Berrics

Watch Ryan Sheckler Give Back At The Berrics

November 19, 2013

Ryan Sheckler started The Sheckler Foundation in 2008 as an avenue to give back to the community, and help injured action sports athletes get back on their...

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Nixon | John John Florence Vice Hi Shredability

Explore John John Florence's New Home With Vice

November 12, 2013

John John Florence is between homes right now. He gave Vice's Hi Shredability a tour of the garden and treehouse at his old place, and then a walk-through of...

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Nixon | John John Florence GrindTV

John John Florence Interviewed By GrindTV

November 9, 2013

GrindTV asked John John Florence to discuss the balance between his competitive and creative efforts. While answering, John John came up with some pretty clear...

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Nixon | Joe Sexton Videograss The Lost Ones Full Part

Watch Joe Sexton "The Last Ones" Full Part

October 29, 2013

The Last Ones just released on iTunes and to mark the occassion, Videograss is sharing Minnesotan rail aficionado Joe Sexton’s full part. Enjoy Sexton’s damn...

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Nixon | Torey Pudwill Street League Highlights

Watch Torey Pudwill's 2013 Street League Highlights

October 28, 2013

From laser flips to crazy flicks, T-Puds is the total package. Proof? Watch Torey's Street League Skateboarding highlights from the 2013 season.

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Nixon | Tony Hawk The Loop 2013

Watch Tony Hawk Invite Friends & Family To Skate The Loop

October 25, 2013

Tony Hawk shook the dust off his famous loop to give friends and family a chance to join the Loop Club. First introduced in the 1998 Birdhouse classic, "The...

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Nixon | Win Elena Hight's Favorites

Win Elena Hights Nixon Favorites

October 18, 2013

This month Elena Hight took over our social networks with a series of giveaways all leading up to a grand prize giveaway of her Nixon favorites! Prizes...

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