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John John Florence Wins 2012 Kustom Airstrike

September 23, 2012

John John Florence was in for a surprise when Tony Hawk dropped in on his coffee break to congratulate the winner of the 2012 Kustom Airstrike with a shoebox stuffed with $50,000. Check out the video featuring Tony's own personal tales of innovation, the $50k surprise, and John John's commentary on...

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Nixon Watches Camden Chrono Happenings Thumbnail


September 19, 2012

The ultimate combination of confidence, style and grace. The Camden Chrono has style in abundance. It’s a watch that is both soft and strong, effortless...

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The Player XL Thumb

Bigger Is Better, Welcome The Player XL

September 12, 2012

Theme music not included but the ruby is. As discrete as it is eye-catching, The Player XL combines first class design and hand crafted function with a Swiss...

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Nixon Watches Supremacy Elite Happenings Thumb

New For Winter, The Supremacy

September 10, 2012

The latest addition to our Elite collection of watches, The Supremacy is a thoroughly modern watch with timeless design. Made for the man who notices the...

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Nixon Watches The Bobbi Thumbnail

Welcome The Bobbi

September 5, 2012

Down to earth without being earthy, The Bobbi is a watch that works in both the sleepy beach town and the heart of the city. It’s a watch that brings together...

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