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Nixon Skateboarder Tony Hawk To Donate His First Skateboard to Smithsonian

On June 22, 2013, Nixon Skateboarder Tony Hawk will be given the honor of donating his first skateboard to the Smithsonian's National Sports History Collection. Tony's donation coincides with Innoskate, a major public festival that will celebrate invention and creativity in skate culture.

From The Smithsonian:
"Celebrate invention and creativity in skate culture and learn about the contributions skate innovators make to society. After a donation of skateboard artifacts to the national sports history collections, hear panel discussions about skate technology, fashion, and tricks with panelists Tony Hawk and Paul Schmitt. Also enjoy skate demonstrations by pro and invited skaters."

Congratulations Tony! To find out more about the Innoskate events taking place in June, including a screening of Nixon Skateboarder Danny Way's documentary, "Waiting For Lighting," visit:

Tony Hawk has one last ride on his first skateboard.
via @TonyHawk on Instagram
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