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The 2011 Surfer Poll Awards

The NIXON Surf Team: nominated for six Surfer Poll Awards

December 2, 2011

Some of our finest surfers have landed 10 nominations for six Surfer Poll Awards. Watch the live webcast of the 2011 Surfer Poll Awards at 9PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 here: surfermag.com/surfer-poll/live/

Best Barrel:
John John Florence
Josh Kerr

Worst Wipeout:
Nathan Fletcher

Heavy Water:
Nathan Fletcher
Bruce Irons

Best Performance:
John John Florence
Josh Kerr
Dusty Payne

Best Cinematography:
Come Hell or High Water

Movie of the Year:
Come Hell or High Water

Find out more information about the awards at surfermag.com

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