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Watch keith malloy & mark cunningham in "How To Body Surf"

One of surfing's biggest influencers, Mark Cunningham, explains that the keys to body surfing are "know how to swim, have a suit that is going to stay on, kick like hell, and come out of the water smiling..." It's that easy, right?!

In this episode of Surf Sufficient, another one of body surfing's finest ambassadors, Keith Malloy, gives his take on body surfing's various communities, how to maximize surface tension and planing as well as some tipson how you might approach your next session sans surfboard.

For more, check out torpedopeople.com, torpedopeople.tumblr.com or follow them on Instagram @thetorpedopeople.

Host: Keith Malloy

Producer: Cyrus Sutton

Camera: Many People

Edit: James Campbell

©2013 korduroy.tv
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