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The Stylus - White / Black | Nixon Headphones
  • The Stylus - White / Black | Nixon Headphones -
  • The Stylus - White / Black | Nixon Headphones -
  • The Stylus - White / Black | Nixon Headphones -
  • The Stylus - White / Black | Nixon Headphones -

Select From 0 Colors

Select From 0 Colors

Select From 4 Colors

  • The Stylus - Black / Marina Blue | Nixon Headphones Black / Marina Blue
  • The Stylus - White / Black | Nixon Headphones White / Black
  • The Stylus - All Black | Nixon Headphones All Black
  • The Stylus - Surplus | Nixon Headphones Surplus - Out of Stock


Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad

The Stylus

  • DJ fit and folding headband for use on the go
  • Powerful, low-distortion drivers for even the heaviest music
  • Memory foam ear cushions for prolonged comfort
  • High-quality removable mini-coil cable for instant extension
  • Inline 3-button remote and mic compatible with iPhone
  • Protective travel pouch
  • Driver Type:
    45mm dynamic
  • Frequency Response:
    20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity:
    101 dB/V @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance:
    32 Ω
  • Interface:
    3.5mm stereo analog
  • Cable:
    90 - 130cm TPE mini-coil
  • Weight:
Package Contents:
  • Nixon Stylus headphone
  • Removable cable with 3-button remote mic
  • Travel pouch
  • User manual
Nixon offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years after original purchase.

The Stylus Story

We travel the world on a daily basis.

From planes and trains to mountain tops and secret spots our lives are always in motion and The Stylus is built to ride shotgun. Amplify your life with clear, crisp sound, distinctive design with folding pocketability and on-wire 3-button remote and mic to catch calls on the go.

Tune in for more on Nixon's full line of audio products.


Over Ear Headphones | Nixon


We get it—you take music very seriously. Though your tastes and your volume may run eclectic and loud, your headphones can be comfortable, collective and cool. Nixon’s audiophile-approved headphones sit over the ear and are an unstoppable force of sight and sound. There’s a style and a color that are a compliment for the true aesthete.
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