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Enamel Icon Belt


Enamel Icon Belt - Sapphire | Nixon Mens Belts
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Select From 8 Colors

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Select From 0 Colors

  • Enamel Icon Belt - Dark Brown | Nixon Mens Belts Dark Brown
  • New Enamel Icon Belt - Blue | Nixon Mens Belts Blue
  • Enamel Icon Belt - Black Stripe | Nixon Mens Belts Black Stripe
  • Enamel Icon Belt - Red | Nixon Mens Belts Red
  • New Enamel Icon Belt - Burgundy | Nixon Mens Belts Burgundy
  • Enamel Icon Belt - Sapphire | Nixon Mens Belts Sapphire - Out of Stock
  • Enamel Icon Belt - All Black | Nixon Mens Belts All Black
  • Enamel Icon Belt - White | Nixon Mens Belts White


Enamel Icon Belt

  • Interchangeable custom cast single prong buckle with wings engraving
  • Enamel filled buckle
  • Custom metal snaps
  • Split grain leather strap
  • Buckle Width:
    7.5 cm
  • Height:
    6 cm
  • Strap:
    3.8 cm

The Enamel Icon Belt Story

Meticulous, methodical, obsessive

Meticulous, methodical, obsessive. These are the traits we value in our designers and in the people who bring them to life. This season, their stories are told through the details. Small imperfections in the Brass Tacks Collection speak to hand crafted honesty with a modern twist. Subtle tones and textures in the Shadow Form Collection give a stealthy nod to minimalism. From the inside out we give you our new X-Ray Collection and show off our take on tropical with the Paradise Collection. But the common theme tying them all together is the selection of high quality materials and attention to detail found in every piece that bears our mark.


Men's Accessories | Nixon


It ain’t broke, and we’re not fixing it, just improving. Nixon offers up a full line of modern accessories, including belts and wallets, that draw on classic American style and incorporate sports functionality. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind collection of tough new styles that celebrate the classic icon collection.
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