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Enamel Philly Belt


Enamel Philly Belt - Black / Khaki | Nixon Mens Belts
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Select From 0 Colors

  • Enamel Philly Belt - White / Black | Nixon Mens Belts White / Black
  • Enamel Philly Belt - Black / Khaki | Nixon Mens Belts Black / Khaki


Enamel Philly Belt

  • Custom-cast single post trophy buckle with enamel inlay.
  • Removable split-grain genuine leather strap.
  • Buckle Width:
    2.9 in / 7.5 cm
  • Height:
    2 in / 5 cm
  • Strap:
    1.5 in / 3.8 cm

The Enamel Philly Belt Story

Creating products to suit our lives

Creating products to suit our lives by custom building what we love in a collaborative, team-designed point of view. It's our commitment and belief that every piece should not only serve a purpose but also be held to the highest possible standards of construction, style and function. This season, we've taken the rugged beauty of utility and applied it to the needs and wants of our team. Heavy and warm natural textures highlighted with raw earthy hues, this new line is uncomplicated, unassuming and 100% pure to our passions, turning simple accessories into life essentials.


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It ain’t broke, and we’re not fixing it, just improving. Nixon offers up a full line of modern accessories, including belts and wallets, that draw on classic American style and incorporate sports functionality. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind collection of tough new styles that celebrate the classic icon collection.
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