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Newton Digital


The Newton Digital - Black | Nixon
  • The Newton Digital - Black | Nixon -
  • The Newton Digital - Black | Nixon -
  • The Newton Digital - Black | Nixon -
  • The Newton Digital - Black | Nixon -

Select From 0 Colors

Select From 0 Colors

Select From 5 Colors

  • The Newton Digital - Pink | Nixon Pink
  • The Newton Digital - Black / Gray | Nixon Black / Gray
  • The Newton Digital - Sky Blue | Nixon Sky Blue
  • The Newton Digital - Black | Nixon Black
  • The Newton Digital - White | Nixon White


30m: Water Resistance Chart Medium: Watch Case Size Chart

The Newton Digital

  • Movement:
    Custom digital module with day, date, and light functions.
  • Dial:
    Positive or negative LCD display, and printed dial masking.
  • Case:
    37.5 mm, 30 meter/ 3ATM custom injection molded polycarbonate case with a hardened mineral crystal, dual gasket molded pushers, triple gasket crown, custom molded polycarbonate screw-on caseback and an integrated band construction.
  • Band:
    33-25 mm 33-25 mm custom injection molded uni-body silicone band, with a patented locking looper, and custom molded polycarbonate buckle.
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The Newton Digital Story

Time passes uniformly

Time passes uniformly, as the Newton accurately illustrates through it's two-hand quartz movement and rotating disc display. But inspired by Sir Isaac we also like to remind you that the motions of celestial bodies are all cool and floaty. Also, to spare you the discomfort of sticking a knife into your eye to trip out on colors, we've made the Newton in a rainbow of fruit flavors. You're very welcome.


Rubber Watches | Nixon

Rubber Band

Looking good. Feeling good. Custom injected silicone and polyurethane conveys that materials really do matter. Able to showcase an impressive and wide range of bright, bold colors and all the while daring to provide unmatched form, function, and comfort.
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