Faces: Creative Collaborator Jayne Min

Jayne Min is a designer, creative consultant, stylist, fashion collaborator and since 2009 founder/editor of the highly successful blog STOPITRIGHTNOW. More than a pretty face—although she can seriously check that box, too—she's got enviable West Coast style that's smart, comfortable and inspirational. It's her artful combination of mixing designer finds and street wear that first held our attention, but it's Jayne's cleaver accomplishments and career that made us seek her out.

Featuring the Queenpin, an authentic presence of cool, clean and minimal detail, The Queenpin proves you don't have to be big to be bold.

"The industry that I work in can sometimes be hectic. Just having an outlet where you can tune that out is so important. Archery is where I go to shut out the world, to get recalibrated." – Jayne Min

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