Danny Way

Danny Way is one of the few fiercely passionate skateboarders that have been pushing the limits of the sport. He is fearless when it comes to skateboarding. Way did a 360 over the Ju Yu Gong Gate at the Great Wall of China in 2005 on a broken ankle, dropped 82 feet from the top of the guitar over the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 2006, broke the world record for the fastest land speed on a skateboard in 2008, and won the first ever Big Air Rail Jam in 2009 with a sprained ankle at X Games 15. Lately, Way has been experimenting with the MegaRamp and mega rail, playing guitar with Bob Burnquist in their band Escalera, co-owning Plan B Skateboards with Colin McKay, and celebrating his 20th year of being a professional skateboarder.


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