Mikkel Bang

As one of the most talented riders of his generation, Mikkel first appeared on snowboarding’s screens as a 13-year-old grom with a big grin on his face in White Balance - Standard Films’ 2003 release. From child star to adult achiever, Mikkel has added a couple of feet to his height, and is today regarded as one of the most stylish park and backcountry riders in the world. He has notched in some solid contest results in the past, including the X Games, US Open, Arctic Challenge and European Open; the most remarkable thing about Mikkel is his great sense of humor and relaxed attitude that makes it seem like he got there more by accident than by grim determination. Often to be spotted playing the guitar and goofing around airport lounges while chasing winter around the globe. Mikkel has stayed to happy-go-lucky kid of his early days and is without a doubt one of the most genuine personalities of today’s snowboarding scene.


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