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Tree Hugger Tote


Tree Hugger Tote - Knit | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets
  • Tree Hugger Tote - Knit | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets -
  • Tree Hugger Tote - Knit | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets -
  • Tree Hugger Tote - Knit | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets -

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Select From 0 Colors

  • Tree Hugger Tote - Bone Dots | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets Bone Dots
  • Tree Hugger Tote - Kelly Green / Bone | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets Kelly Green / Bone
  • New Tree Hugger Tote - Brown / Cherry | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets Brown / Cherry
  • New Tree Hugger Tote - Ivory / Black | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets Ivory / Black
  • Tree Hugger Tote - Red Owl | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets Red Owl - Out of Stock
  • New Tree Hugger Tote - Knit | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets Knit
  • Tree Hugger Tote - Woodland Camo | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets Woodland Camo
  • New Tree Hugger Tote - Oatmeal Stripe | Nixon Womens Bags & Wallets Oatmeal Stripe


Tree Hugger Tote

  • Roomy tote with hidden magnet closure, topped on handles and interior zipper pocket
  • Main Body:
    Printed Cotton
  • Dimensions:
    38.1cm x 40.6cm x 10.2cm
Nixon offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years after original purchase.

The Tree Hugger Tote Story

Layer by layer we add depth

Layer by layer we add depth, dimension and style. A subtle tease of unexpected lining materials peek through the knife cut leather of the Social Army Collection. Its oil slick finishes, wood trims and cotton webbing stand in striking contrast to the more feminine and sophisticated take on a military inspired theme. Vibrant reds, yellows and cobalt heat up the Modern Tribe Collection. Leather and resin details mix with eclectic prints and geometric silhouettes. Tassels finish off closures and add a final layer of understated femininity. This season we set our sights on details that stand out, all with effortless style and ease.


Women's Bags | Nixon


Sure, everyone loves that attention-getting bag, but if it doesn’t work, then it’s not worth the stuff you can’t put in it. This collection of bags takes a completely functional attitude toward a cool and cute style that will get you there and back, with travel bags, backpacks and crossbodies for every occasion.
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