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Since 1998

Nixon has been the premium lifestyle accessory brand of choice for independents, creatives, and free-thinkers the world over. What cofounders Chad Dinenna and Andy Laats started in Encinitas, California as a boutique line of watches exclusively sold at board sports and fashion retailers is now a full range of watches, bags, leather goods, and accessories. Sold in over 90 countries, we've built a global following of people living unbound lives and bringing our products along for the ride.

Team Designed, Custom Built

Team Designed, Custom Built.

Our mantra from the beginning was to use the talent of our team to bring our vision to life. We work with our diverse group of athletes, musicians, makers, artists, and activists whose ranks include John John Florence, Leila Hurst, and Zion Wright, to name a few. This select group helps us to identify new functions and to create objects that radiate style. Whether it comes in the form of making the perfect tide watch, snowboard-ready backpack, or just breaking the mold of traditional design, our team is the secret sauce that brings ideas to a different level.

The Base Tide Pro Watch by Nixon

Iconic Products

Throughout Nixon's history, there have been certain designs that have become icons in their own right. The retro-futuristic luxury of The Player, the universal-appealing minimalism of the Time Teller, the rugged, high performance of the Regulus created in collaboration with the agents of the U.S. Special Operations corps, the classic design of the Sentry, or the unmistakable statement of the 51-30, all stand out as designs that set the style bar of the era. Then there are the innovative pieces like the cheeky, vocalized fun of the Dork and Dork Too, and the influential design experimentation of the Newton and Newton 2.0 that push the envelope of both form and function.

Base Tide Pro Watch by Nixon

A Collaborative Effort

Thanks to the network of our global team, we've been able to collaborate with some of the world's most influential figures in producing groundbreaking collaborations. From Metallica to Mickey Mouse, Santa Cruz to Star Wars, these products capture the essence of the partner's aesthetic through the Nixon lens and bring fans of both parties together. Look for new unexpected collections and collaborations each season.

The Base Tide Pro Watch by Nixon

Locals Around the World

Encinitas, California remains our home base, but we have been fortunate enough to open offices next to some of our favorite outdoor spots in Asia, Australia, and Europe. Our global presence allows us to remain on the pulse of markets where we do business.

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