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Elle Green; Bondi Store Featured Artist

Elle Green; Bondi Store Featured Artist

Elle Green is an ACCLAIM photographic contributor who in between taking great photos for us, like the ones found in issue 17 of Australian artist Anthony Lister, can be found travelling around the world chasing and shooting Japanese and US surf and skate culture, Elephants and everything in-between. With the recent release of her new photographic book You Should Get Away More Often, which is now available at NIXON’s first ever concept store in Bondi, we decided to catch up with Elle and find how it all came together.

Hey Elle, how have you been?

I have been most triumphant thank you.

Can you give us some insight into your current show at the NIXON store in Bondi?

It’s not exactly a show as such but I do have the space in store till April 2011 to showcase my photo works. I can change the photos too which is awesome.

What led you to South Africa to do this series of photographic works?

The five photos on display were taken in Japan, Bondi Beach, San Diego and South Africa. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel overseas and capture the surf/skate lifestyle that surrounds me on my journey.

What was one of the most memorable experiences? 

I have been super lucky to travel to Japan 4 times in the last 3 yrs. 2 of those times with surf label The Critical Slide Society to document the brand at a surf/art/music festival called Greenroom in Yokohama. Traveling with surf crew in Japan is awesome as Japan surf is really on the up and coming and they're fricken stoked to host you. I was lucky to travel to many surf breaks and meet heaps of American longboarders, shapers and artists everyone of them influential to my work today.

Is there a photo from the series that holds a particularly special memory for you?

Well from the NIXON series the San Diego Mission Beach roller coaster shot for sure. I was always told about Californian sunsets and how incredible they are, so to be there to get that shot felt pretty darn good. Not to mention the cheap as shit fish tacos we ate straight after.

From the South Africa series there's a shot in the book of an Elephant walking behind our car when we were on safari. It was so hot that day, so we stocked the esky with a lot of alcohol and Red Bull and cruised the national park at our own pace. It was not even 10 minutes into the park that we stopped the car as a whole family of Elephants crossed the road. I remember feeling all sorts of emotions like being scared and incredibly enlightened at the same time.

How has traveling impacted the way you approach your photography?

Majorly, incredibly. I ask myself everyday "where to next?" I crave the "new" and the challenge of discovery. Going to South Africa in ‘07 was definitely my greatest influential experience towards my photo work and life in general. I came back from just three weeks there with so many photos, so I self published my first book designed like a travel diary. 

How was the process of putting the book together how did you discern what made the publication and what didn't? 

It took me a good year all up to send off to print. First I had to edit all the photos (couldn’t tell you how many but surely thousands), then I self taught myself In Design and used online tutorials. I visited some good bookshops in the meantime to research layout etc. Ed Templeton's The Golden Age Of Neglect was highly influential as he always has his own handwriting on and around his pics. My book has my own handwriting telling the story of my travels.

Can you speak on the title of the book 'You Should Get Away More Often', what's the significance of the title?

The title is actually derived from Eddie Murphy's RAW video. My South African friend, Johan and I would listen to it on his iPod as we drove. In the show Eddie's talking bout how when girls go away the men will play, (not knowing so do women). The girl comes back from the Bahamas singing "I shot the sheriff" and the guy goes "Oh baby! You should get away more often"! I just found it funny.

What other projects do you have coming up that we should know about? 

I recently toured the West Coast of USA with a band from Florida named Bastard Lovechild Of Rock N' Roll (aka BLORR). I have so much video footage and stills I shot from that month to work on now. I'm also thinking about visiting the guys again in Texas for 2011's SXSW fest. Hmmmmm yes. 

Thanks Elle! You can follow her further exploits by heading over to her blog Hellintokyo and see more of work at You’ll find her book You Should Get Away More Often right now at the NIXON store at Shop 3709, 500 Oxford St in Bondi, Sydney, you can phone them on 02 9387 3798.

(via Acclaim)