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Los Angeles based artist Steven Harrington says that his bold, cartoonish style encourages a two-way conversation between artist and viewer. Cited as the leader of the contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic, Harrington’s work is inspired by California’s mystique and diversity of both landscape and cultures.

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Nixon X Metallica: The Limited Edition “Sanitarium” 51-30

Celebrating Nixon’s favorite song from the band’s third studio album, a limited-edition 51-30 was created for a lucky few.

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Nixon x Bones Brigade: A Limited Edition Collection of Watches

The Nixon x Bones Brigade Limited Edition Collection is now available online and at exclusive skate shops globally.

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Nixon x C.R. Stecyk III

Behind the Subversive Collection Designed to the Last Detail by Stecyk Himself.

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Curren Caples: Station Leather

Curren's effortless style on a skate in the lines of mid-century modern design.

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Sophia + Vasha

Inside the studio with UNDO-Ordinary creators Sophia Chang + Nai Vasha.

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Nixon x Abysse

Nixon x Abysse: inside look into the limited edition collaboration that celebrates a shared love of fashion, function, and the eternal draw of the ocean.

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Nixon x Andy Davis

An Inside look into the limited-edition collab between two Socal originals.

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Professional Tourists

Nathan Fletcher and Chippa Wilson in Caribbean Panama

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Nixon x Captain Fin

A limited edition collaboration with fin and accessories brand Captain Fin Co.

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