The Disco Gypsy Collection

Adorned and Adored

The unapologetically uninhibited Disco Gypsy Collection promises a perpetual party season. Silver dial patterns dance on polished gold accents while Italian leather or polished gold bands let you decide exactly what kind of party it’s going to be.

Get Down

The North Star Collection

Plot Your Course

Inspired by the arctic night sky, the North Star Capsule is your cool guiding light. Equal parts elusive and alluring, polished silver accents are contrasted against muted tones with matching Saffiano leather bands.

Star Gaze

The Nocturnal Collection

Night Cat

Release your inner beast with the sultry sophistication of the Nocturnal Collection. Brushed rose gold glimmers against a black-on-black, cheetah print face while rose gold, brushed black, or Italian leather bands allow you to choose how to accessorize your animal instinct.

Night Prowl

The Storm Warning Collection

Sensual Selection

Thunderclouds gather over the dials of the Storm Warning Collection. Pulling a palette from the hues of dark skylines and lightning flashes, rose gold accents and black Italian leather bands complete this sultry selection of watches that includes some of our most striking silhouettes.

Storm Watch

The Femme Fatale Collection

Utilitarian Minimalism

The 1940's pre-war styling, reinforced with a hint of military cool gives a new level of luxury to utilitarian minimalism. The light gold cases, propaganda poster reds, unique second hands for each model, and durable yet dashing saddle leather is a deadly combination that's right on target.


The Marsala Collection

Warm Can Be Cool

With the warmth of a cup of chai, the Marsala steeps classic beauty in new, unconventional realms. Light gold accents bounce off mauve sunray dials and mahogany leather, elevating the natural tones and giving you plenty to pour over.

Warm Up

The Vineyard Collection

Wine and Blooms

Don't let first impressions fool you; the Vineyard Collection shows that chic can have claws. The capsule dresses the Arrow Leather in a rose gold case, cream dial, and supple, pastel leather bands, and while they might be demure, don't you dare call them soft. 

Have a Taste

The Abysse Collection

Fashion, Meet Function

In collaboration with Hanalei Reponty’s line of wetsuit, swimwear, activewear, Abysse, Nixon presents a capsule collection of watches inspired by the eternal draw of the ocean. Featuring the Bullet 42, Arrow Milanese, Medium Time Teller and Siren SS, each watch has curated details like custom hands and Abysse co-branding keeping with both companies’ belief that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive.

Swim Up

The Andy Davis Time Teller P Collection

So-Cal Color

Artist Andy Davis’ work is a colorful tribute to beach culture. Pulsing with positivity and fun, his paintings depict life in sync with good waves and good times. Andy’s personal, artistic touch on the Time Teller P is a collaboration of two Southern California originals, which perfectly captures the spirit of Nixon’s home base.

Give It a Swirl

The Beach House Collection

Never Ending Summer

Live in an endless summer with the desaturated palette of the Beach House Collection. Washed-out hues on matte-finished cases and bands give a nod to days spent in the sun, where everything gets bleached to perfection.

Hang Loose

The Leila Hurst Signature Series

Style and grace

We partnered with one of our favorite surfers on a three-piece capsule collection that combines her signature style with ours. Win/win.

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The Exclusives

Go grey

One of our favorite neutrals - grey - gets an upgrade with a fancy tortoise finish that shines.

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