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Chippa Wilson: Labor of Love

Chippa Wilson: Labor of Love

While surfing may be his career and what he's best known for, it's his passion for restoring cars and building bikes that sparks the fire inside of Christopher "Chippa" Wilson. First introduced to the world of motobikes and vintage cars by his dad, Chippa started tinkering away alongside him when he was just a boy in Cabarita Beach, Australia. What started as a pastime with his pops years ago has grown into a creative and inspirational process and appreciation for simple mechanics. This outlet is Chippa's go-to, and one that helps him reset and recharge in between his life as a pro-surfer. These days, when not traveling or out in the surf, Chippa is working on one of his two bikes or one of his four cars and daydreaming about his next project.

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