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Faces: Katy Goodman

Faces: Katy Goodman

Though Katy Goodman grew up in a musical family playing the saxophone and the occasional Cajun accordion, it wasn't until recently that she started playing in bands. She took to bass and backup harmonies easily for her role in Vivian Girls, but didn't realize her full knack for songwriting and lead vocals until she turned heartbreak into influence, with La Sera. Pulling inspiration from relationships and the things she does or doesn't love, Katy started writing songs as an outlet to work through a love gone wrong. Ultimately producing La Sera's first single Never Come Around. The results of her emotion driven writing has resulted in a catalog of relatable music that truly speaks to the listener, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the emotions of her songs.

You could say that Katy has the amazing ability to manifest her own destiny with a drive that creates opportunity. When asked what advice she would give aspiring musicians? Katy said, "Make it, play it, put it online. Do whatever you can." An ethos she has embodied since the early days of touring with Vivian Girls, playing in tiny basements, taking her all the way to present day L.A.

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