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Locals Only: Nico Müller

Laax, Switzerland

Between snow seasons, we dream. We plan for next season. We watch videos that make us want to time travel to the days of fresh powder. Now imagine if your backyard mountain was a national treasure hidden away in a mythic corner of the Swiss Alps.


We recently got some inspo for our powder daydreams when we got to follow Nixon team-rider Nico Müller around his home mountain: Laax, Switzerland. Having grown up on the great halfpipes of Laax, Nico is widely considered the best all-around rider in snowboarding. Over his career, he’s become known for dominating everything from contest riding, to backcountry freeriding, and for being one of the easiest guys around to spend a day with. Watch as we ride along.


NICO MÜLLER in Laax, Switzerland

“I started riding Laax in 1995. From the HalfPipe @snowparklaax to the peaks of Alaska and back home for season 23. Nothing and everything has changed. It’s the perfect place for me to forget about everything and just let time flow…snowboard” – Nico Müller

Nico Müller in the Base SS in Black Watch by Nixon

The Base in Black

The Sentry Leather Watch by Nixon

Wanna plan your trip to Laax? Check out Nico’s go-to’s below.


1. Where to stay and grab breakfast: @riders_hotel


2. Best place to get lost in a book between runs: Hidden library @thegalaaxy , the waiting area for the next tram.


3. Tastiest soup and coffee warm-up on mountain: @caffe.noname


4. Best apres: @indy_laax


5. Video to watch in your cabin for next day stoke: @absinthefilms Fruition ;)


The Sentry Leather Watch by Nixon

The Sentry Leather in Cinder Cerakote / Black

The Sentry Leather Watch by Nixon

The Sentry Leather in Cinder Cerakote / Black

The Sentry Leather Watch by Nixon

The Sentry Leather in Cinder Cerakote / Black

“Nicolas has an incredible dietary routine, one that I've learned so much from in consideration to what I eat on a daily basis. So, he treats his guests just like himself and puts together a healthy meal every morning and evening. I made sure to clean the dishes and kitchen every meal!!” – Dean Blotto, Photographer

NICO MÜLLER in Laax, Switzerland @thegalaaxy

“The library images are atop the Crap Sogn Gion Tram on Laax Resort. Reto, the owner of Laax, ordered a complete remodel of this tram station last year. So instead of disembarking the tram to cold concrete walls (as is the case for most tram stations across the world) you're treated to a giant library, antique collection, vinyl record collection, etc. It's really really neat!! It's such a refreshing change to the ordinary. So yes, Nicolas is actually reading a book before our run, not just posing for a photograph. We'd try and read a few paragraphs about random subjects at the beginning of the day.” – Dean Blotto, Photographer

NICO MÜLLER in Laax, Switzerland The Corporal SS Watch by Nixon

The Corporal SS in Cinder Cerakote

Nicolas Müller x Nixon Nicolas Müller x Nixon

Don’t be anti-social, stay in touch with @nicolas_mullair and if you get the chance to visit @laax, get after it.

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