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Nixon Music Goes "British Invasion"

Nixon Music Goes "British Invasion"

The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. The Smiths. The Cure. Britpop. Manchester warehouses. Garage and bass. British music has pretty much ruled (and ruled our airwaves) for over half a century and it's only getting better and more eclectic with time. The sort of sounds that experimental young dudes like Led Zeppelin churned out in the '70s have inspired generations of garage rock wannabes to try something new with their pedals.

There are lots of bands over the pond to keep up with and even more to throwback to, so we're going to dedicate the month of May to educating you on music—-the English way.

What better way to kick off our #BritishInvasion then with a new globetrotting playlist of the UK's freshest hits. Get familiar with the beachy rock of onlyrealreal, the brooding synths of Ben Khan, and the next level pop hooks of Sophie.

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