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Nixon Music South By Southwest Survival Kits

Nixon Music South By Southwest Survival Kits

Nixon strives to make the little shit better. Ahead of this year's South By Southwest gathering in Austin, TX, Nixon Music asked the bands we lovewhat would help them have the best festival experience. The result, ten custom-curated SXSW Survival Kits geared to make sure the bands we love don’t burn out on the SXSW beer, barbecue, handshaking and showcasing routine. 

Each individually tailored SXSW Survival Kit sent out includes:

• Nixon watch set to Austin local time (CDT)
• Nixon Blaster Bluetooth portable speaker
Fender guitar & bass strings, strap, picks and instrument cable
• Mophie portable USB charger
• Nixon bag for all the showcase SWAG
• Emergen-C, antacids, sunscreen, ibuprofen and more self preservation tools
• Nixon X Mizu Water Bottle
• Disposable cameras to document the adventure

Bands that received Nixon SXSW Survival Kits include: Perfect Pussy, Young & Sick, Tei Shi, CYMBALS, Beat Culture, togetherPANGEA, Kaytranada, San Fermin, and Honeyblood

Keep your dial on Nixon Music for exclusive photos of the SXSW life, directly from the bands that lived it.