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Nixon X Hypebeast: The Art Of Time With Ta-Ku

Nixon X Hypebeast: The Art Of Time With Ta-Ku

Nixon has partnered with our friends at Hypebeast and prominent creative heavyweights across the country to explore what makes them tick on a daily basis.

Ta-ku makes regular rounds on the Internet and with good reason — the Australian producer's penchant for slick, melodic beats that combine the best of soul and hip-hop have made him a favorite of our sister site HYPETRAK, while his discerning taste and encyclopedic knowledge of sneakers that spawned the #TeamCozy trend have made him a favorite of ours. He leads an international life, and a busy one at that — when not traveling across the globe spinning his music to adoring fans, he acts as the Creative Director at HW&W Recordings as well as curating collaborations between beatmakers and photographers at Create & Explore.


Given the many roles that Ta-Ku has taken on, he has to curate his personal style to suit his professional life. Known for his unmistakable air of masculine cool, he needs a watch that satisfies his sartorial sensibilities while at the same time remaining discreet and functional. The Sentry Chrono's six-hand chronograph movement, 24-hour subdial, and Argentinian debossed black leather band make it an ideal piece for Ta-Ku. As we follow him throughout the day from a cut at Westons Barbershop where he is co-owner, to picking out vinyls at a record shop as inspiration for his next musical foray, the Sentry Chrono subtly elevates Ta-Ku's look without overstating its presence.


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