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Top Five Happenings of 2013: Goods

Top Five Happenings of 2013: Goods

In 2013, Nixon introduced 16 new team-designed, custom-built watch models and 98 additional colorways. While last year has come and gone, it's memory lives on as we take a look back at the Nixon Happenings that you viewed and shared the most. Without further ado, we present your top five posts about new Nixon goods from 2013:

The 51-30 Chrono All Gold

5. The 51-30 Chrono in All Rose Gold

The Automatic Chrono LTD

4. The Automatic Chrono LTD

The Light Gold Collection

3. The Light Gold Collection

The 48-20 Chrono LTD

2. The 48-20 Chrono LTD

The Black & Lum Collection

1. The Black & Lum Collection

Honorable Mention: The Blaster