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Watch Jibberish Volume 2: The First Handplant Holiday Featuring JP Walker

Nixon Snowboarder JP Walker brought together a group of snowboarding's most talented riders together for the day-long Handplant Holiday at Bear Mountain. World-class planters were treated to a set–up created by the innovative park crew at Bear unlike anything seen before. The exclusive set up, unique team aspect and jam format, combined with the relaxed and friendly vibe, gave the riders the opportunity to concentrate on their handplant progression as they went for tricks from the hard to undoable list.

Featuring JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Simon Chamberlain, Scott Stevens, Marko Grilic, Chris Grenier, Cody Rosenthal, Tim Eddy, Ben Bilocq and special guest Dave Downing and Dale Rehberg.

Watch the video above and get a behind-the-scenes look at the event from The Don's Dispatch on