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Watch Ryan Sheckler Three-Peat at Dew Tour Skate Streetstyle in Portland

Watch Ryan Sheckler Three-Peat at Dew Tour Skate Streetstyle in Portland

In his first contest since a knee injury at the Street League: Chicago event, Ryan Sheckler took to the Dew Tour Skate Streetstyle event in Portland with eyes set to defend his undefeated title. Though he hadn't stuck a complete run in his first two of three attempts, Shecks made it look effortless in his final attempt on the course to come from behind and secure the three-peat victory.

"I really like this contest and the whole idea of it," said Sheckler smiling ear to ear while autographing skateboards. "When you are a little kid all you want to do is bomb hills, so to have a downhill contest with a bunch of gnarly ramps on it it just spoke to me — I love skating this event!" Sheckler went on to talk about what was going through his mind was Majerus nailed his third and final run saying, "Alec is my homie, so I was super stoked for him. I wasn't tripping and thought he was going to win... You know, I actually really had to pee before my run. That was all I could think about at the top of the run and at the bottom — that's actually all I could really think about."

Watch the Ryan Sheckler's winning run below and, while you're down there, be sure to watch the 3rd and 4th place runs of Curren Caples and Riley Hawk, respectively.