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We hope you’re stoked with your gear but if you need to return something, we offer returns within 30 days of the delivery date for most items purchased on Returns must be unused, unworn, in original packaging with all tags attached. See our return policy for details.
Returns are processed 7 to 10 business days from receipt. Your refund is issued in the original form of payment soon after.
Sorry, we do not offer exchanges on items purchased on at this time, we only accept returns in accordance with our return policy.
We're sorry your order was cancelled! When this happens it's usually due to an out-of-stock item(s) or difficulty processing payment information. Your credit card won't be charged for cancelled items. If you have questions about your cancelled order, please contact us.
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It’s no problem to remove stored information. Use our contact us form and select “Remove My Personal Data” from the “Subject” drop down list. We’ll get back to you with a couple of questions and confirm once your information has been deleted.
So stoked you want to rock a Nixon sticker on your gear. Let’s hook you up! Submit a sticker request on our contact us form, follow the instructions, and we’ll send stickers your way asap. Want a pack of stickers? Keep your eye on, we sell them there too sometimes.


We hope not! Sometimes the issue can be as easy to fix as replacing a battery or taking your watch out of sleep mode. If you think that your watch is broken, visit our Online Repair Center to start a repair request.
Go to our Online Repair Center and tell us about your watch, what’s wrong with it, and we’ll provide you with a repair estimate. If you agree to the estimate, we’ll send you an authorized service order number with shipping instructions. When we receive your watch(es), a Nixon technician will determine the repairs needed. An email will be sent to you for repair cost approval or input required to process and close your service order. You will not be charged if the repair is covered under Nixon’s Warranty Policy.
For sure. If we have the parts, our Nixon Service Center can service your watch. And if you don't have a receipt, we can still help. Simply go to our Online Repair Center and tell us about your watch, what’s wrong with it, and we’ll provide you with a repair estimate. If you agree to the estimate, we’ll send you an authorized service order number with shipping instructions.
You don't need to register your Nixon watch to validate a warranty claim, but hold on to your sales receipt; we may ask for original proof of purchase from an authorized Nixon seller.
Absolutely. We’ll do our best to keep your Nixon on your wrist. Go to our Online Repair Center and tell us about your watch, what’s wrong with it, and we’ll provide you with a repair estimate. For warranty claims, you’re required to provide proof of purchase from an authorized Nixon seller.
Love your Nixon? Don’t let just anyone repair it. Watches will not be covered by warranty if someone other than an authorized Nixon service technician opens the case back during the 2-year warranty period. If your watch is outside of the 2-year warranty period, feel free to take it to a certified jeweler at your discretion. If you would like to service your watch, visit our Online Repair Center and tell us about your watch, what’s wrong with it, and we’ll provide you with a repair estimate.
We don't cover normal wear and tear of Nixon watch bands or bracelets. We do sell a line of watch bands in a variety of colors and materials that fit most of our watches. You can buy more than one to change up your look!
We love that you love your Nixon, and we will do our best to service all of our watch models, including the oldies but goodies.
Unfortunately, some technology used in watches produced 5+ years ago is now obsolete and is no longer supported. Good news is that most models can still be rocked in a basic mode. Example watches are the Lodown, Ultratide, Supertide, and Mission. Want more information? Contact us.
For our classic designs, and when we say classic, we mean 5+ years, parts can be limited. A good local jeweler can usually resolve your watch issue with a creative solution or contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Watch Care and Materials

The coating on your watch is not covered under warranty. The Nixon Service Center can replace coated parts for a minimal charge. Simply go to our Online Repair Center and tell us about your watch, what’s wrong with it, and we’ll provide you with a repair estimate.
The coating on your Nixon watch is part of the exclusivity of its design. The coating gives your Nixon watch a unique color. Like all fine watches, your Nixon watch needs to be treated with care. Hard scratches and abrasion will scratch the coating off your watch.
Store your watch in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. If you have an automatic watch, using a winder will help to keep it on time when it isn’t on your wrist.
Your watch can withstand temperatures from 14 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (–10 to 45 degrees Celsius).
Sorry, we do not currently sell cases or stands to display your rad Nixon collection. Keep your eye on, we sometimes sell accessories for watches.

Size Charts

Yes, we do! Here are size charts for some of our key apparel and accessory products:
  1. Hats & Beanies
  2. Belts
  3. All Apparel

Watch Manuals

You can find the user manual for your Nixon watch here. If you do not see your model listed, please contact us.

Digital Watches

You can reset the software on your digital tide watch by pressing and holding all 4 side buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. A tone will sound every 1 second as the watch resets. The following sequence will happen once the watch software resets:
  1. All segments will light up
  2. Sound will beep for 1 second
  3. ROM will be displayed on screen
ATM (standard atmosphere) is a unit of atmospheric pressure at sea level.
300 Meter YES YES YES
200 Meter YES YES YES
100 Meter YES YES YES
50 Meter YES YES NO
30 Meter YES NO NO
No water NO NO NO
  • If your watch has a 5 ATM water rating, it can handle submersion up to 50 meters deep. A watch with 5 ATM can withhold your daily hand washes and shallow submersion.
  • If your watch has a 10 ATM water rating it can handle submersion up to 100 meters deep. A watch with 10 ATM can handle anything from rain to swimming and surfing.
There are 550 beaches available to program as your home beach or your surf travel destination. See the complete beach list here. If your spot is not listed, you can manually set your watch to the tide of your local spot using the basic tide function. See your watch’s user manual for detailed how-to steps. 
Select digital models have a sleep mode in place to preserve battery power. You can take your watch out of sleep mode easily by pressing and holding the light pusher. Check out the user manual for your watch that will detail any special steps needed for your specific model.

Analog Watches

It's easy. Follow these steps:
  1. To adjust the date on your Nixon, gently pull the crown out as far as it goes and set your watch to 6:30.
  2. Next, lightly push the crown halfway in and turn it towards you.
  3. As you turn crown towards you, you’ll see the date change in the date window. Set the date.
  4. Now turn the crown away from you to set the day.
  5. When you're done setting the day and date, gently pull the crown back out and set the time.
  6. Push the crown all the way back in and the time is set.
The chrono second hand is the long hand on your chronograph watch that may look like a regular second hand. The chronograph is the original stopwatch used for timing boats, cars and planes. Leaving this running at all times will dramatically reduce the life of your battery and eventually the movement of your watch.
The chronograph can be started and stopped by using the start/stop pusher. To reset the chronograph to the 12 o’clock or zero second position, use the reset pusher.
When the chronograph second hand does not return exactly to the zero second position after it has been reset, you may have to recalibrate it.
To recalibrate your chrono:
  1. PULL the crown out to the second position.
  2. PRESS the start pusher to set the chronograph second hand to the zero position.
  3. PRESS and HOLD the start button to rapidly advance the chrono second hand.
  4. Once the chronograph second hand has been recalibrated, reset the time and return the crown to its normal position.
Important: Do not push the crown back to its normal position while you are returning the chrono hand to the zero position.
Automatic watches are handmade with hundreds of moving mechanical parts, which typically makes them less accurate than a quartz movement. Each watch movement is slightly different with different accuracy levels. The tolerance specifications for the automatic movement range from +40 to -10 seconds a day (Or +20 minutes to -5 minutes per month). If the watch gets out of these tolerances, the movement can be adjusted by the Nixon Repair Center or a certified watch technician.
We live active lifestyles, so knowing if you can take your watch in the water is key. Many, but not all, Nixon watches can get wet. The water resistance indicated on this chart is the amount of water the watch can withstand, in meters. If your watch has a leather band, avoid getting it wet.
To get your analog watch ticking, remove the plastic crown stopper and push the crown in the watch case – the seconds hand should start moving.

Watch Batteries

Nixon offers a premium battery service that includes a battery replacement, a gasket check and lubrication, case back re-seal, and a pressure test to ensure water resistance of the watch seal. Visit our Online Repair Center and we’ll provide you with a repair estimate and an authorized service order number with shipping instructions.
Please contact us and we will help you determine which battery your watch uses.

Watch Bands

Nixon sells replacement bands in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to fit most of our watches. If you can’t find a band to fit your watch, we can still help! Please visit our Online Repair Center to set up an order to send your watch in for a band replacement.
If we have the part, we can send out rubber loopers for a small service charge. Please contact us for details. Leather loopers, sliding clasps, and buckle replacements will require your watch to be sent to us. Visit our Online Repair Center and we’ll provide you with a repair estimate and an authorized service order number with shipping instructions.
We can send some small parts out individually, depending on the watch model, for a minimal charge. Some watches will need to be sent in for repair. Please contact us with a picture of your watch face and case back. We'll check our inventory and get back to you.
For men’s watches with sizing holes, band lengths range from 132mm to 196mm. Women’s band lengths range from 126mm to 177mm. If your watch has removable links, you can add or remove links as needed to fit your wrist.
Regularly cleaning your leather watchband with a damp cloth will prolong the luster and life of the strap. To keep the watchband in good condition, treat your band with a mild leather treatment. This will prevent drying and cracking. It’s best to remove your watch while sleeping. Do not expose your leather band to water.
View full manual with instructions here.

Adjust Time Teller Band Step 1

  1. Lay watch face-up on a flat surface.
  2. Flip open the adjustment bracket where the arrow is pointing using our adjustment tool. If you don't have that available you can use a paper clip, small screw driver, or narrow/thin object.
  3. Slide buckle up or down depending on your size needs.

Adjust Time Teller Band Step 2

  1. To lock the adjustment bracket, line the top bar toward the center of the 2nd and 4th link. This will allow the buckle to sit at the seams of the links instead of on top in which the closure will be too difficult to use.
  2. Snap bracket into place by pushing down on the latch (don't use too much force).Hook top band on the bracket bar and press the clasp down to secure into place with a click.


Have a bag issue? We want to help. Please contact us and we'll talk you through a solution.
  • Keep inside the protective bag when not in use.
  • Do not get leather or metal hardware wet.
  • Do not expose your leather bag to direct and prolonged sunlight.
  • Always test conditioning materials on a small, discreet area of the leather.
  • Seek professional assistance to clean stains.

Adidas Watches Made by Nixon

The Nixon Customer Service team can help! Please contact us with details about your watch, and we can get a service order set up for you!
Need assistance?