H2O Yeah! Recycled Ocean Plastics Bags

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  • Sustainable
    Bandit Bag
    • DKK 270,00DKK 216,00
  • Sustainable
    Gamma Backpack
    • DKK 710,00DKK 497,00
  • Sustainable
    Large Heist Bag
    • DKK 490,00DKK 343,00
  • Sustainable
    Stash Bag
    • DKK 230,00DKK 161,00
    • DKK 230,00DKK 161,00
  • Sustainable
    Ransack Backpack
    • DKK 560,00DKK 392,00
    • DKK 750,00DKK 600,00
    • DKK 900,00DKK 720,00
    • DKK 830,00DKK 664,00

We're saying no to single-use plastics and saying yeah to protecting our oceans by making our entire line of sustainable backpacks and travel bags out of recycled ocean plastics. We've partnered with REPREVE® Our Ocean™ and REPREVE® recycled plastics to provide the material for eco-friendly backpacks, duffels, cross-body slings, and even beverage holders.

By recycling plastics at risk of entering the oceans, every Nixon bag sold is a positive step toward keeping our most valuable playground healthy. You might be thinking, "Can a recycled backpack hold up as well as one made from single-use plastics?" We can assure you they do. The 600D polyester exterior and 70D polyester interiors of our bags have the same structural integrity as material made from new plastics.

Making backpacks from recycled materials is only one way we're bringing sustainable products into our line. We have used recycled plastics in our surf watches, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, too. Saving the ocean is our responsibility, and we're proud to do it while having fun.