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Alive In California

We have this place in us.
Some sought it out.
Some were born here.
At the end of the road West,
where the only path forward
is determined by our own courage
and every next step brings you
face to face with the never been done.
The spirit of this place invites progress,
welcomes you to turn your back on the
beaten path and make your own,
leaving the done in the dust.
And so we jump at the chance,
living for the never been done,
facing our firsts, and making products
of significance, passengers worthy enough
to share your life.
Things to remind us that this place
never stands still, and neither should we.

Nixon surfer Lisa Andersen.


Born in California, at the end of the road that leads west, you find Nixon: unprecedented, forging into the unknown, and doing the never been done. Nixon was created with one goal in mind: to unify the best in the world, however diverse their personalities, talents, interests, or styles into one expression. Focused on creating products with a unique point of view backed with custom design, quality materials and precise workmanship, we travel to all corners of the globe to experience life and it is through these explorations, the people we meet and the journey to get there that takes shape in the things we make. Welcome to Nixon.


At the heart of the Nixon brand are our watches. Custom-built creations focused on an original point of view, backed with quality materials and handcrafted workmanship, delivering world-class design one watch at a time. We work with some of the most ridiculously talented athletes, artists and personalities to create watches for the life we live. Leaving done in the dust, our pursuit is to make the little things in life even better.


Essential for a life well lived, we believe the right accessory can make all the difference on the road. Whether it's just for a few days or a few months, our bag line is designed to handle it all; wherever the adventure takes you. Our range of apparel and leather goods make their way into view with a clear approach to design focused on detail, function and all backed by quality materials.

Featuring: The 38-20 Chrono.


Details drive us. They inspire us. We love to discover them and live to share them. Not bound by the status quo of what you can and cannot do when it comes to creating watches and accessories, Nixon's pursuit of tearing down the walls of the ordinary means there are no limits to what we can do. Working with artists seasonally to conceptualize, design, and create uncommon goods opens the path to discovery.

Celebrating with decorative elements and intricate design, Nixon's Ornate Collection features custom artwork by Brooklyn artist Dan Funderburgh. An updated take on a decadent era, elaborate metallic hardware and whimsy add the finishing details. Working together to combine his art with ours, Dan created a custom, clean, and ornate pattern featured throughout this new collection.


Since 2009, select Nixon leather watchbands have been crafted for us by Horween Leather, a 100-plus-year-old Chicago tannery founded on a commitment to make the best leather in the world. As the Nixon x Horween relationship has grown, so have our offerings from this historic American family business. Horween's goal, like Nixon's, is to make the best in the world and that doesn't come by being the fastest or the cheapest. It means choosing what's best and choosing quality.