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Andrew Reynolds Interviewed by Jenkem

Andrew Reynolds Interviewed by Jenkem

Nixon skateboarder Andrew Reynolds gave a strikingly honest and personal interview with Jenkem Mag and, if you're even a remote fan of skateboarding or The Boss, it's well worth the read. The Jenkem interviewer did not hold any subject off limits as they discussed topics like sobriety, the hard-partying message of the early Baker team, skateboarding in the olympics and the trappings of fame.

You feel like the early days of Baker could have sent out the wrong message and led some kids astray?
Yeah, it's just one of those things where there was no lying. It was all the honest truth. It's like if Beagle made a documentary about us, that's who we were. That was Baker. I can't change that. But by being an example now, that you don't have to do that to look cool.. A lot of kids come up to me at demos and have said like, "Man, I started getting wrapped up in some stuff but I checked into rehab and went to AA and I don't do it anymore." I've heard that a lot. Who knows, that could have saved somebody's life. That's more important to me than just, "Oh, that's my favorite skater." I might have saved a kid from like a heroin overdose or something. That's way bigger than skateboarding.

Read the full interview on Jenkem Mag.

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