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Andrew Reynolds "Polaroids" Photo Show

Andrew Reynolds "Polaroids" Photo Show

Andrew Reynolds | Polaroids
Curated by Patrick O'Dell

Though he's never pursued any kind of recognition for his photography, Andrew Reynolds has been consistently shooting pictures since his days as a young skater in Florida. Residing in shoe boxes at his house are thousands of polaroids and 35mm prints: Childhood images from the driveway launch-ramp days of the 80s, snapshot images from Birdhouse tours with Willy Santos, Tony Hawk, and Ocean Howell, one of a kind polaroids (borders written on and stained) shot in the black-outs and hang-overs of the Warner Ave Piss Drunx days, pairs of polaroids, usually of the same person with two poses, taken of everybody that stopped by Andrew's house in the last few years. In fact, almost all of Andrew's pictures are from the inside of his house; a collection of personal memories with no real intention on Andrew's part of showing them, or even being credited as a photographer. But after looking through them, it became clear that these pictures encapsulate a unique view into the life of a professional skateboarder, and that these images need to be shared and archived.

On May 14th, this collection will be seen for the first time at:

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036