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Back To The Future: Our Guide To What's Now & Next In Music

Back To The Future: Our Guide To What's Now & Next In Music

There's far too much music out there to try and keep track of it all. Trust us, we've tried. Thankfully, SoundCloud is that great leveler- where winners and losers, the triumphant and the struggling, the diamonds in the rough and the shining stars are born in the blink of an eye. It's makes that age old hunt for new jams that much simpler.

Nixon's new Back To The Future playlist series is here to give you the goods on the bands that just blew up, and the bands that will blow up before you can say "pop."

Hit play on the playlist below so you can listen while you read and keep your eyes and ears on these folks—you can't say we didn't warn you.

WHO: Based in Melbourne, Australia, born in India. Funky pop music with a splash of electronic grooves.
WHY THEY'RE THE FUTURE: With co-signs from Questlove, Quincy Jones, and Prince it's hard to imagine how he won't get big. A perfect amount of heat to get your feet dancing, and just enough sex appeal to make your S/O swoon.
FIND MORE: Harts Soundcloud.

WHO: 19-year-old Chicago based rapper with sing-song flows and lyrics to go.
WHY THEY'RE THE FUTURE: With Chicago being the bright star for hip-hop in the US (see Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper), Saba's obviously learned from his peers and is carving out his own corner to take over. His music begs for summer, it begs for the windows to be rolled down, and it begs for good times with good friends.
FIND MORE: Saba Soundcloud

WHO: A guitarist by the name of Benjamin Booker who adds some shredding to his NOLA blues roots.
WHY THEY'RE THE FUTURE: With a husky and gruff voice that cuts to the bone and guitar shredding like few others, Bookers sound is one that reverberates in your ears for days.
FIND MORE: Benjamin Booker Soundcloud

WHO: Ryn Weaver feels like something of an enigma. 1 million plays on one song, co-signs from Jessie Ware and producer-extraordinaire Benny Blanco- where did she come from again?
WHY THEY'RE BURNING BRIGHT: OctaHate was co-written by Charli XCX, Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit), Cashmere Cat, and Benny Blanco. Any questions?
FIND MORE: Ryn Weaver Soundcloud

WHO: A pair of producers from cloudy Seattle making impeccable sunny music.
WHY THEY'RE BURNING BRIGHT: Their music is the right dosage of ambience and pop. They've harnessed this, found the right singers, and kept their production tight as ever.
FIND MORE: Odesza Soundcloud

So now that you know, tune in. And for a constant stream of what's new and next, follow the Nixon Soundcloud.