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Behind The Cover: Bruce Irons in Surfing Magazine

We went wild when the latest issue of Surfing Magazine showed up with Bruce Irons on the cover, but were also wondering how photographer Laurent Pujol got such a crisp shot from within the same barrel. Allow Surfer to shed light upon how Pujol pulled off the unique picture in their latest Behind The Cover video.

From Surfing Magazine:
We knew right away it was a cover. Most photos — no matter how perfect — are diligently criticized before they find themselves on Page 1. But this photo? No scrutiny necessary. Photographer Laurent Pujol has been working on this one-of-a -kind angle for quite some time and one day, in France, it paid off. Laurent pulled into a barrel behind Bruce Irons, snapped a few frames, got flogged and emerged with the cover of SURFING Magazine's January 2014 Issue. Now, please, do allow him to spin his tale.