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Coming Soon: The Nixon WTA Teahupoo

Coming Soon: The Nixon WTA Teahupoo

It's almost go-time for the 7th annual Nixon WTA Teahupoo, taking place during The Billabong Pro August 15-26 in Tahiti. All surfers vying for a spot in the finals of this ASP stop will be contenders to win a custom Nixon watch, valued at $10,000 USD, for "Heaviest Wave" during the contest.

This year's trophy watch features a Swiss made ETA 3-hand mechanical automatic movement with 25 jewels and day/date function. The all black stainless steel watch is adorned with 60 rubies on the outer bezel and 12 rubies and 48 black diamonds on the inner dial ring and is topped off with a red tinted crystal caseback and 13 rubies on the watch crown.

Back to defend his two-year claim for "Heaviest Wave" is Jeremy Flores who has cornered the big wave Nixon WTA title since 2011. Jeremy has proven he's the man to beat. His prowess in waves of consequence has been proven around the world. With a stacked crew of surfers such as Joel Parkinson, Kelly Slater, Michel Bourez, John John Florence and more, this year Jeremy will have his work cut out for him.

Former WTA Teahupoo winners include:
2007 - WTA Heaviest Wave - Manoa Drollet - Teahupoo, Tahiti
2008 - WTA Heaviest Wave - Ryan Hipwood - Teahupoo, Tahiti
2009 - WTA Heaviest Wave - Bobby Martinez - Teahupoo, Tahiti
2010 - WTA Heaviest Wave - Kamalei Alexander - Teahupoo, Tahiti
2011 - WTA Heaviest Wave - Jeremy Flores - Teahupoo, Tahiti
2012 - WTA Heaviest Wave - Jeremy Flores, Teahupoo, Tahiti

About the Nixon WTA:
Winners of The Nixon WTA are awarded a custom Nixon watch valued at over $10,000 USD. All surfers are eligible to win the Nixon WTA during the ASP stop, whether they qualify for the final heats or not, making it a unique contest-within-a-contest.