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Dialed in: The Return of the Macro Beer

Dialed in: The Return of the Macro Beer

We occasionally receive dispatches from the women of Nixon on what's ticking in their camp. Dialed In is their take on the biggest trends—or up and coming, we promise—right now.

San Diego is our home, but it's also home to more micro brewers than any beer guzzling aficionado knows what to do with. So, suffice to say, that when we say we're ready to re-embrace the macro brew—that is, near tasteless beers from gigantic corporations—well, it's a little bit edgy where we come from.

But hear us out! For one, macro brews tend to have embarrassingly low AVB percentages (that's Alcohol By Volume) and on long summer weekends when we're hanging out at a friend's barbecue or even just our own porch for hours on end, we need something in our hands that can go the distance—and not get embarrassing. Secondly, they're not heavy (even if you avoid "lite" varieties)—which goes pretty well with our frequent decision to have, say, another scoop of potato salad or a couple more riblets.

And finally: Macro brews feel like summer. Don't let September get you down; Throw on a ringer tee, some vintage Levi's, turn up the Rick Springfield and we dare you not to develop a hankering to crack open a can of domestic. It's impossible.

The classically good-looking Kensington Leather seen in natural/silver.

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