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Effortless Ease: Introducing Jenna Rainey and the 38-20

Jenna Rainey may be the ultimate triple threat when it comes to pretty things on paper: she's an illustrator, a calligrapher, and a master with watercolor. Luckily for us, she started her business, Mon Voir, where she shares her craft with the world by creating custom designs for weddings and events, as well as logos, and even tattoos. She simply lives to make someone's day beautiful and unique. Once you thumb through Rainey's work, it's clear she's about the details, every stroke, letter, and color pairing is a visual journey. When Rainey isn't taking walks along the beach or working on a new design, you can find her teaching calligraphy on weekends. It's crystal clear to us, she really loves what she does.

A native of Southern California, Rainey finds as much inspiration in the historic beach town of San Clemente as she does getting lost in the textures and colors of French Impressionist paintings. Rainey has always been a doodler, and admittedly spent many a high school class scribbling away in cursive, it wasn't until recently though that she thought she could make calligraphy and art her full time job. If you're looking to take a leap of faith and turn your creative abilities into a career, Rainey is the girl to look to. She found herself getting so deeply lost in her hobby that she decided to leave her office job under halogen lights and set up a sunny little home office where she can clear her head and let the ink flow. Now Rainey can work at her own pace, and hone her own style, which is probably why she named her company Mon Voir, French for my vision.

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