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Faces: Cole and Natalie of Bones & Feather Collective

Faces: Cole and Natalie of Bones & Feather Collective

Meet Los Angeles based jewelry designers Cole Morral and Natalie Mauro, the duo behind Bones & Feathers Collective. It wasn't until a mutual friend introduced them after they had both migrated to LA that the two met and instantly clicked. Today, their interest in organic material—shark teeth, vertebrae, and the like—and the geometry found in nature translate to one of our favorite jewelry lines around.

Heavily influenced by indigenous culture and people, Bones & Feathers embraces the opposites and brings to life hardness and softness through their designs. The results is an attainable jewelry collection with an edgy meets ethereal vibe.

We caught up with the Natalie and Cole to talk vintage jewelry, California topography, and, you know, bone and feathers.

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