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Faces: Designer Karen Kimmel On Gift Wrap Technique

Faces: Designer Karen Kimmel On Gift Wrap Technique

Over the years Karen Kimmel has grown from an installation artist into the chief of one of the most dynamic and multi-faceted artistic California enterprises we know, Karen Kimmel Studio. Founded in 2007 and based in Atwater Village, Karen Kimmel Studio is a creative agency, an interactive family-centric events company, and a design house that creates some pretty great gifts—from leather moon coasters to colorful reporter's notebooks, we're adding it all to our lists.

Now that holiday gifting is on the horizon we are especially interested in their newest product: the Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth. Made from 100% cotton, it might just be the ultimate giftwrap: colorful, reusable, multi-functional (hello, new scarf!), and there's no tape required! It may be the perfect way to wrap up a Nixon watch or two, hint-hint. We stopped by the inspirational color-fueled studio to check in with all the rad women of Karen Kimmel to get a tutorial on how to wrap Furoshiki-style.

Karen Kimmel Wraps Furoshiki-Style

Don't be antisocial, visit the Karen Kimmel Studio website and wrap your Nixon gifts like a pro.

Karen Kimmel wears The Time Teller P.

Karen Kimmel Studio Staff