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Faces: Fashion Stylist Britt Bardo

Anyone who's ever been on-set for a photo shoot knows that what a stylist personally wears is sometimes (usually) even more awesome, easygoing, and cool than what she's putting in front of the camera. Whether she's doing a minimal thing, or avant-garde look, LA-based stylist Britt Bardo is typically pulling it off and impeccably well.

Britt has a serious eye for jewelry, vintage and putting it all together. She somehow manages to pile it on—and high—but just to the right amount. People tend to throw around the world effortless style a lot. It's that elusive beast everyone wants to figure out how to trap, but only a few seem to actually stumble on it (and Britt's definitely got it). Featuring the Bullet Chrono Crystal.

"I feel lucky to be doing something that I love and to be making money doing something that I love. But, [riding is] basically my recharge; it helps inspire me. I'll definitely say that it's really important to balance your work like and your personal life. If you're able to do that, I think your work will be richer and more authentic." – Britt Bardo

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