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FACES: Jen Gotch

FACES: Jen Gotch

FACES is a new series in which we hit the road and force an unsuspecting and awesome person to hang out with us—and maybe have them try on a watch or two while we're at it.

As we gear up for summer and get amped about all things color, we felt compelled to pay a visit to L.A.'s high priestess of vibrance, founder Jen Gotch. Jen's garnered a serious following for her full-spectrum point of view. We're particularly partial to her incredible Instagram, replete with more adorable kitten photos than you can handle. Nixon caught up with Jen at her home in Los Angeles to talk imaginary best friends, kitten wrangling, and the subtle difference between a bar and a bar.

So, favorite color?

I am horrible at picking favorites when it comes to color. If I am forced to, I would say hot pink, but only because you forced me.

An unexpected place you love to add a little color?

Not totally unexpected, but I love bright lipstick (NARS Schiap or YSL Le Orange) and bright nail polish. Even when I am feeling super into neutrals or black and white, that little pop of color always makes me feel happier.

Dream car?

Ummm, this car and hopefully it can drive up on it's side like they do in MIA's "Bad Girls" video.

What's your can't-fail outfit?

I have two. First, Splendid athletic pants and J Crew cashmere pullover. Second, Mexican floral embroidered vintage dress with lots of bright jewelry. Choice one is for optimal comfort and choice two is for maximum compliment-getting.

My imaginary bestie is:

Mindy Kaling (or Ike Barinholtz).


Never fails to inspire me.
(…except the part where you have to go to the airport, check in, go through security, take your laptop out of the bag, ma'am, do you have any liquids, etc.)

I can never leave home without:

Mario Bedescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater.

Snacktime: Savory or sweet?

When it comes to snacking, no "or"s allowed. Salty AND sweet!

Health nut or guilt-free glutton?

How soon do I have to get into a bathing suit?

Primary's or pastels?

Usually die hard super-saturated color, but lately pastels have been having an effect on me.

Dream destination:


Favorite real life destination?

This is going to sound cliche, but paris. Yah, I think it's always gonna be Paris.

On Saturdays, you'll find me...

At bar (method, not drinking), brunch (bar drinking, not method), tending to a kitten, napping—ya know, the usual jet-setter lifestyle.

I spend a good portion of my days designing extremely colorful accessories for That means I am in constant hunt for patterns and colors, always discovering what colors and combinations have an emotional impact on me and the people around me. So that …is how I lead a colorful life.

Jen Gotch wears The Small Time Teller P in Lime.