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FACES: Kate Miss

FACES: Kate Miss

FACES is a new series in which we hit the road and force an unsuspecting and awesome person to hang out with us—and maybe have them try on a watch or two while we're at it.

By now, we're sure (we hope!) you've checked out some of the great new petit styling coming from the Nixon women's tab. We love them not just because they fit our lady-wrists just a tad better, but because it opens up some much-needed real estate to accessorize. We're calling it our stack and we're just a little obsessed.
So, we dropped in on jewelry designer and all-around stylist lady, Kate Miss, to pick her brain on how she'd like to stack ‘em up. And to hang out with her new pooch, June, too.

What are some of your favorite design motifs—for jewelry or otherwise?

It's always changing, but I seem to most often gravitate towards celestial and geometric references.

Favorite material(s) to work with?

I always come back to bronze, but I'm also a fan of unexpected materials—using something you wouldn't normally see as jewelry.

What's your perfect Saturday?

A hike with my dog in the morning, brunch with my husband, being as lazy as possible until ramen and karaoke in Little Tokyo with my lady friends at night.

What goes well with a watch?

I can't think of much that doesn't go well with a watch! Abstractly, the relief of not having to look at your phone all the time to see what time it is.

What's the best time of day?

About an hour after waking up.

Where do you look for inspiration?

My fellow creatives, museums, thrift stores.

Who do you design for?

Women who like simplicity and affordability, but appreciate interesting design and handmade pieces.

Who is your all-time icon?

Maira Kalman

Describe the anatomy of your perfect "stack"?

A stylist friend taught me a good tip for stacks: always keep it at an odd number and don't be too matchy-matchy.

Kate Miss wears The Time Teller P in Black and The Small Time Teller P in Red Pepper and White.