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FACES: Katie Denis of Driftwood Visual

FACES: Katie Denis of Driftwood Visual

Katie Denis is the co-founder of Driftwood Visual, an LA based production company that primarily works in the fashion space. Denis has worked with brands that range from streetwear—like Brooklyn-based ONLY NY—to storied heritage manufactures like Minnetonka Moccasins. When Katie is away from her desk you'll find her in the outdoors, often sleeping under the stars, and occasionally Instagramming.

We spent the day with Katie in her current town of Marina Del Rey, CA, riding bikes and seeing the sights while we took a few snaps for this interview below.

So, favorite color?

Yellow. Always yellow. I think I have an old home video of 3 year old me explaining why yellow makes me so happy. Today it all still stands true. Yellow is the color of summer, of energy, of fun. (And it also goes well with my other, OTHER favorite colors, cyan and sherbet orange.)?

An unexpected place you love to add a little color?

My bike. I'll be honest, when I got my bike many years ago, I wasn't stoked that it was bright orange (I was going through a very brown phase. Ha.) But after getting to know it, I fell in love with its quirk and decided to run with it. My husband and I hand-painted the rims baby blue, wrapped the handlebars in bright yellow, and voila. Riding a bright and colorful bike is the best way to cruise down the coast!

Katie's daily essentials

Dream car?

I don't really have a dream car, but I do have a dream horse. Dream horses are much more fun.

What's your can't-fail outfit?

A good hat, vintage Levi's denim shorts, and a white v-neck. I should also note that my favorite white v-neck is 6 years it isn't really white anymore, and I probably shouldn't been seen in public wearing it, but man is it soft!?

My imaginary bestie is:

My dog... as a person.

I can never leave home without:

My iPhone. Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that "unplugging" doesn't come easily for me (which is why camping trips in remote places are always a good refresher!) That said, with cell service or ! not, I've been documenting life via my iPhone since 2008. That little mobile camera has changed the way I see the world. I started taking photos many years ago with my dslr, but having a camera that's always accessible has really refined the way I view light, lines, textures and experience.

The Mellor in Black / Copper

Snack time: Savory or sweet?

Always savory!

Health nut or guilt-free glutton?

I do my best....but sometimes the answer to the question is "pizza."

Primary's or pastels?

Pastels. I think. No, primaries! How could I possibly choose?!

Dream destination:

There are SO many places I want to visit. SO MANY, but Thailand is at the top of my list right now. ?

Favorite real life destination?

My favorite real-life destination is my parent's house in a small town in central Florda. I spend my days back home fishing with my brother, driving the golf cart to the neighbor's pig pen, swimming with the nieces and nephew, sitting out the evening thunderstorm inside while watching bad television and eating my favorite homecooked meals. It's all about family, for me, and while their country home may not be in the middle of a redwood forest (which would be ideal) it has a heck of a lot of heart. It's home.

The Nomad Tote in Ivory / Black

On Saturdays, you'll find me...

At the El Segundo dog park in the morning, and at the beach for the rest of the day. I'll most likely be down at one of the jetties doing my best to catch fish, or biking to Venice or Manhattan Beach, or playing bocce ball down by the water with friends. Someone once told me I might as well live on an island, because I never leave my little beachy town.

??Spreading positivity, love, and a thirst for adventure... is how I lead a colorful life.

Katie wears The Nomad Tote and The Mellor.

Don't be antisocial, follow Katie on Instagram @katieanndenis, check out the Driftwood Visual Vimeo for examples of their work, and stay in the loop while we all look forward to her upcoming project, The California Camping Society, where she and her business partner/husband Matthew will be creating adventures for artists to venture into the outdoors. Count us in!

Faces: Katie Denis of Driftwood Visual
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